Communiqué of November 22, 2023

Exsurge Domine


of the President and the Patron
of Exsurge Domine

The Exsurge Domine Association, which has as its main purpose the relief and safeguarding of priests and religious afflicted by unjust canonical measures taken against them by those who abuse ecclesiastical authority, had taken on as its first project the support of the Monastic Community of the Benedictine Sisters of Pienza, after their request for intervention addressed to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Faced with the pressing demand for help, the dramatic conditions of the Monastery, and the prospect of the Sisters’ removal from the former Seminary of Pienza, Archbishop Viganò committed all his forces to avert the results of the attacks they had received and to guarantee their future subsistence in a suitable place capable of sustaining them and guaranteeing them all the facilities necessary for regular monastic life. Exsurge Domine immediately became the protagonist and promoter of the initiative, which it has made its own and for which it has initiated and conducted a brisk effort so far.

Recently, this same Pienza community of Benedictine Sisters, “Mary Temple of the Holy Spirit,” has matured a different sensitivity and defined a new direction for its future, deciding to no longer welcome the opportunity that had been freely offered to them.

Exsurge Domine respectfully acknowledges the decision taken by the religious Community of Pienza, and while thanking the hard work and generosity of so many who have collaborated so far, declares that the project will continue with the same commitment by allocating it with the same purposes and intentions to new beneficiaries, which we will soon make known, thus responding to the continuous emergency requests for assistance which are now coming from all over.

We invite our friends and benefactors to continue to support with generosity and courage the activities of Exsurge Domine and to accompany with their prayers those who daily strive with dedication and self-sacrifice for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Earl Giuseppe Vannicelli Casoni, President

​​+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

November 22, 2023
S.ctæ Cæciliæ Virg. Mart.