Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics Int’l

Mgr. Viganò


to the participants of the
“Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International”

Dear Dr Frost, dear Friends,

at the beginning of this new year, allow me to address my best wishes to all of you. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you some thoughts regarding the present situation.

For the past four years we have been witnessing the implementation of a criminal plan of world depopulation, achieved through the creation of a false pandemic and the imposition of a false vaccine, which we now know to be a biological weapon of mass destruction, designed with the aim of destroying the immune system of the entire population, causing sterility and the onset of deadly diseases. Many of our friends and acquaintances have died or been severely damaged by the adverse effects of this experimental gene serum. Many have discovered, too late, that they have been the victims of a global plan with a single script under a single direction.


What is even more serious is that this neo-Malthusian project of mass extermination, to which is added the will to control each of us through graphene oxide nanostructures, has been announced to us for some time by those in the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum who conceived and implemented it. The rulers of all Western states, hostage to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, have become accomplices to this crime, demonstrating their malice and premeditation by their behavior: falsifying data on alleged infections, doctoring statistics that attribute deaths and adverse effects to Covid-19 but not to the gene serum, prohibiting effective treatments, imposing harmful protocols that have noscientific basis, banning autopsies, and preventing or thwarting accurate reports to health authorities.

In this attack, unprecedented in the history of the human race, we have witnessed the complicity of all national and international institutions, the entire medical profession, and the media. A social engineering operation has been carried out to manipulate consensus through terror, threats, blackmail, and the violation of citizens most sacrosanct fundamental rights. The judiciary has been silent, the armed forces have looked the other way, and teachers and priests have zealously cooperated.

We are well aware of the perpetrators of this crime against God and humanity. Of course, the multinational pharmaceutical corporations have profited disproportionately from mass vaccination, and they are now preparing to accumulate still more billions of dollars from the sale of treatments against the turbocancer that their serums have caused. Those who peddle the vaccine have profited from administering these poisons to pregnant women, children, and the elderly. They have funded the self-styled experts, paying them to propagandize false efficacy and safety on the mainstream media. Multinationals have profited and, due to the lockdowns, have taken the place of small businesses, restaurants, and local shops. Energy suppliers have profited and are still profiting, and thanks to the crisis created by the system, they have made huge profits, while the costs of electricity and gas are forcing businesses to increase prices and close. Those who took advantage of the restrictions to work from home, those who sold masks that were not only useless but actually harmful, those who provided Plexiglas barriers and hand sanitizer, and those who managed the measurement of fever in public places also took their cut of profit. Many of them, who understood perfectly well what was happening, preferred to remain silent so as not to miss the opportunity to make money off of the lives and health of the rest of us.

But its not just money that is the motive for this crime. Behind the lust for enrichment motivating many is the will to power of the subversive Davos elite, which aims to establish the New World Order. The psychopandemic has been a dress rehearsal for the attack they are now making against the economy, the social fabric, and indeed the very life of humanity. Fifteen-minute cities, digital identity, electronic money, and the destruction of agriculture and ranching all serve the same purpose, stated in the Agenda 2030 and the Rockefeller Foundations “Great Reset project. The wars in Ukraine and Palestine also have the same purpose: to destabilize the international order, create permanent crises, and fuel conflicts that will impoverish individual nations and feed the globalist leviathan. Gazas huge oil fields are tempting targets for those who want to appropriate them in order to keep Europe and the United States under blackmail, especially when the same people areimposing insane energy policies in the name of a fake climate emergency.

Today, the perpetrators of these crimes have a name and a face. Their accomplices in governments and institutions, who are guilty of high treason and very serious crimes, all come from the World Economic Forum and were students of its program called Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow.” Others, like George Soros, support them by means of philanthropic foundations that fuel social strife, civil war, and color revolutions around the world.

This global coup détat must be denounced, and those responsible must be tried and judged by an international court. But above all, it is necessary for all of us to understand that this all-out war against humanity is not motivated only by the lust for wealth and power, but mainly by a religious motivea theological reason. This reason is Satans hatred: hatred of God, hatred of Gods Creation, and hatred of man, who is created in the Image and Likeness of God. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and the hundreds of servants whom they blackmail in governmentsall hate God. They hate life, which only God can give. They hate love, which comes only from God. They hate peace, which can reign only where Christ reigns. As Tucker Carlson said a few days ago, we are facing people who serve Satan and the demons of hell, just as normal people worship and serve God.

This, then, is a battle in which body and soul, matter and spirit are made the object of a mortal attack by men and spiritual powers. But let us not forget that, if our enemy avails himself of the help of infernal spirits, we have on our side the Lord God of the armies arrayed Dominus Deus Sabaoth – and all the hosts of Angels and Saints, infinitely more powerful. God is Almighty: let us never forget that. And He is Father: He does not abandon His children in times of trial.

I therefore exhort you, dear friends, to fight this battle with the spiritual weapons that God places at your disposal: prayer, trust in the Lord, and the awareness that this enemy will not be defeated where it is most organized and fearsome, but by striking it where it is weak. This weakness comes from its corruption, from its being subservient to evil, from the execrable sins that it has committed and still commits against Gods little children. Because I tell you that the men and women who in these four years have submitted and endured lockdowns, violations of their rights, job deprivation and social segregation are not willing to tolerate the crimes that this cursed network of perverts and pedophiles commits against children. Therefore, bring to light and courageously denounce the network of complicity and crimes of politicians, bankers, actors, journalists, prelates, and famous people who are united by their blood pact, and the whole castle of lies and deceptions that they have hatched will collapse, dragging with it the entire globalist plan, woke ideology, gender theory, the fake climate emergency, health fraud, and digital currency. Simul stabunt, simul cadent, says the Latin maxim: just as they stand together, so also they will collapse together.

Stay strong, therefore, under the banner of Christ and in the army of God, Who is Almighty, and Who on the Cross has already won the war that is now entering its final stages. Gather around the Lord, call on His Holy Name, and He will give impetus to your battle. Remember the words of Saint Paul: I can do all things through him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13).

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

January 2, 2024
Most Holy Name of Jesus