I have overcome the world

You are rightly denouncing the health holocaust: with this term you highlight on the one hand the extent of the crime committed by the servants of the WHO, and on the other the desire to “sacrifice” millions of victims to the globalist Moloch. Do not lose sight of this fundamental element: the extermination – in ways not dissimilar to those that the totalitarian regimes of the last century caused – shows us the ritual aspect of the Great Reset and reveals the culture of death embraced by those who promote it. The death of babies in the mother’s womb; the death of sick and elderly people in hospitals; the death of young people torn from life by drugs; the death of the family in the name of perversions and betrayals; the death of beauty, knowledge, and science. It is a death that affects not only the body, but also the soul, killing the flame of hope within it. And it is significant that those who deny the existence of an otherworldly hell seem to want to do everything to recreate it on this earth, as if to take revenge on us for the fate that inexorably awaits these psychopathic murderers.