Januis clausis

We know that the Antichrist – and all his precursors with him – are masters of seduction. But seduction is also corruption, the ability to attract us by buying us, just as the Iscariot was bought. Have you seen, son of man, what the elders of the house of Israel do in the darkness, each in the secret room of his own idol? They go saying: “The Lord does not see us; the Lord has abandoned the land” (Ez 8, 12). But the Lord sees their faults and does not abandon the Church, because the Church is His Mystical Body, a part of Him, His living and holy members. Everything that falls, everything that appears behind the wall to have collapsed in its corruption and betrayals will not prevent the final victory, and indeed it will be an incentive to all of us to remain faithful to our God and Lord even when the temple seems empty and the altar seems deserted.