Looking beyond

Do not ask the wrong questions, because you will get the wrong answers. If you assume that the health authorities have acted with lawful purposes and that the errors made are due to inexperience or the pressure of the emergency; if you take it for granted that the producers of gene serum have as their purpose the cure of diseases and not the most cynical profit and the creation of chronically ill people, you will end up falsifying reality, and the conclusions you will reach will necessarily be misleading. Instead, take a forensic approach, so to speak, so that it it will be evident that there is a perfect coherence between the tools adopted and the results obtained, regardless of their stated aims; knowing that their true motivations, precisely because of their intrinsic desire to harm, had to be concealed and denied. Who would ever admit, before fraudulently imposing a mass genetic treatment, that its intended goal was to make a very large segment of the world’s population either sick, or sterile, or dead?