by the reverend Prioress and Chapter of Arlington Carmel

With regard to the statement of the Bishop of Fort Worth, Bishop Michael F. Olson (here), the Prioress, Mother Teresa Agnes, and the Chapter of the Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity of Arlington reiterate that they do not recognize the authority of Bishop Olson over their Monastery, and they refuse to accept any interference by him as Pontifical Commissary, an office conferred on him with contempt for canonical norms and procedures.

Every action he has taken with regard to us has proven to be devious and deceptive, marked by falsehood and an intent to persecute us, and gravely defamatory of the Mother Prioress.

The Bishop’s motives in moving against us – and the true goals that animate his public and private warfare against us – are completely extraneous and irreconcilable with the purposes that a true Pastor ought to pursue in the exercise of his sacred Authority.

For these reasons, the Prioress and the Chapter of the Carmel of Arlington, along with all of their Sisters, will face with serenity and firmness any unjust canonical sanctions that the present Ordinary may inflict on them, in the awareness that his authority cannot demand obedience towards him when he himself is first in disobedience to the authority of God.

Saturday, August 26, 2023