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Exsurge Domine

The Association Exsurge Domine is committed to "provide for the assistance, support and material aid of clerics, religious and consecrated laity who are in particularly difficult economic and logistical conditions; to defend the unchanged and incorruptible Tradition of the Catholic Faith; to preserve and promote the traditional Liturgy; to encourage theological and cultural study and deepening of the immense religious, historical and artistic patrimony of Christendom; to foster opportunities for dialogue and encounters among the various associations, experiences or groups operating within the perennial Tradition of the Catholic Church."

Defende Ecclesiam tuam

In many nations that are no longer Catholic-such as England, Germany or the Netherlands, for example-you can still see small chapels carved out of attics and cellars, or home altars hidden in invisible closets or niches: they were used for the clandestine celebration of Mass in times of persecution, when it was a crime to be faithful to the Church of Rome and priests had to hide to avoid imprisonment or the death sentence. Without going back to Diocletian, even in the 16th and 17th centuries "papists" were considered a threat, and were barely tolerated as long as they had no churches, convents, seminaries, or schools.

These persecutions are recurring today, in perhaps a less bloody form, and the perpetrators are not Lutherans or the thugs of Olivier Cromwell, but Cardinals, Bishops and Prelates of the Conciliar sect, infiltrated into the Vatican and well determined to wipe out all traces of the "old religion" and the "old Mass" that they have replaced with the religion of ecology, of welcome, of inclusiveness, of the New World Order.

The apostasy we are experiencing is not very different from that of the bishops who swore allegiance to Henry VIII in order not to lose rents and benefits: the difference is that today the act of obedience is required toward Bergoglio, the Second Vatican Council, the Novus Ordo, the "synodal church," Pachamama.

Those who do not yield, those who remain faithful to the Priesthood or Religious Vows are ostracized, mocked, vilified, persecuted and above all deprived of ministry, a dwelling place and means of livelihood. Without mercy, without charity, without humanity.

Exsurge Domine is the response of those who do not surrender to this betrayal of the modernist Hierarchy: it joins us to our brothers of past ages, to the faithful who gave hospitality to the monk wanted by the soldiers of Elizabeth I, a hot meal to the nun with no convent left in revolutionary France, a hiding place to the Mexican priest pursued by the soldiers of the Masonic government. We can help those persecuted priests, religious men and women who in anonymity, silence, and humble acceptance of trials show us the suffering face of Christ ascending Golgotha.

Let us therefore prove that we know how to accompany the Faith we profess with good works, with prayer, with charity and almsgiving. For these priests, these friars, these nuns can stop the arm of divine Justice and give hope for the future in our children.

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Speech by H.E. Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò


Ongoing activities


Renovation and restoration of a Monastery for the Community of Benedictine Nuns of Pienza

We immediately took action with an urgent first project, namely the construction of a Monastery to be given to the Benedictine Nuns of Pienza, who are being persecuted by the Holy See and the new Bishop because they are considered close to Tradition.

We have already been offered land and a building in need of major renovation and adaptation work. The expenses for these works, which began last May 8 on the feast of the Apparition of Archangel Michael and Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii, can be quantified in the order of 1.5 million euros. This may seem like a large sum, but if everyone does their part, it will not be impossible to meet it.

That is why I make my heartfelt appeal for everyone to feel called to participate in this initiative and to donate their generous contribution, so that this first project-and those that will follow-may constitute an adequate and effective response to the travail of these times, to the protection and transmission of the Catholic Faith, intact as the Savior has entrusted it to us.

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