Message of the President of Exsurge Domine

August 15, 2023

Dear friends and benefactors of Exsurge Domine,

I send all of you my cordial greetings in the Lord!

I am addressing you for the first time, to inform you about the progress of the construction project building a new monastery for the Nuns of Pienza, now that the first “progress report” has recently been delivered to us by the company in charge of the work. You will be pleased to know that all the initial operations have been completed on time and the phase of new construction has already begun. The start of construction sites, demolitions, cleaning, clearing, collection and disposal of waste materials, both in the building where the common area will be built as well as in the one where the living area will be built, and, finally, in the guesthouse; the economic work to make the old buildings safe, the cutting and tree arrangement, the excavations for the new buildings, the redevelopment of the existing road network and, finally, the purchase of part of the materials necessary for the subsequent phases – all of this has been made possible thanks to the generosity of each one of you who have accepted the invitation of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to participate in the creation of our first major project. May the Lord know how to reward you as you deserve!

The work is proceeding briskly: all the open construction sites are busy meeting their deadlines, so that we can make the wait shorter for our poor nuns, who are suffering while waiting for their long-awaited transfer; for this reason, no summer break is foreseen and, except for the Feast of the Assumption, work will continue unabated.

However, the road is still long, dear friends, and the new construction that is still required: roofs, attics, floors, and utility systems, all still require your generosity in order to be built: for this reason, I do not hesitate to ask everyone to you to renew your generous contributions, because the second “progress report” will soon arrive and with it the bills which must be promptly paid. I am sure that you will not remain deaf and you will want, each one according to your ow ability, to participate in the construction of the new monastery, so that they can the suffering of the poor nuns can cease and they can begin a new life there.

For our part, we at Exsurge Domine will continue to work throughout the summer, each according to our own duty, in order to guarantee the opening of the construction sites, sure of the fact that this too can contribute to a more rapid realization of our project.

With a heart grateful to God and to each one of you, I cordially greet you in the Lord, assuring each one of you that I remember you in prayer, and not only me, which would be a small thing, but above all you are remembered in the prayers of the priests and men and women religious who are friends of the Exsurge Domine Association. Rest assured that the Lord will greatly reward your generosity!

In Domino

Giuseppe Vannicelli Casoni

15 Agosto 2023
Assunzione della B.V.M.